Transfer through Welt Bestattung - across Germany and worldwide transfers

Welt Bestattung organized for all transfers and collections, independently of where the deceased is in the world.

 Worldwide transfer - embalming

  • National transfers
  • Worldwide transfers
  • International transfers with funeral car
  • Repatriation from abroad with funeral car
  • Foreign transfers with the aircraft
  • Repatriation of deceased to Germany

We can do the following for you:

  • Procurement of the post-mortem certificate / death certificate
  • Procurement of national and international death certificates
  • Procurement of an authority for moving a corpse      
  • Prescribed provision for the deceased
  • Coordination and booking of flights
  • Settlement of all formalities with embassies and consulates
  • Costs statements with insurances


You would like to bury your deceased outside the FRG on native ground!

As a rule the repatriation abroad lasts several days, depending upon country, possibly also between one and two weeks. Therefore, many countries and also airlines or train companies prescribe prior preservation of the deceased for border crossing purposes.

For this, we are your qualified point of contact and guarantee lying in state for parting in the homeland, even after several days, even up to three weeks.

So, also members of the family in the homeland and friends have the possibility of paying their last respect at an opened coffin.


Information: Portugal, Greece and Spain for example belong to the countries in which an embalming is legally prescribed. But this is usually undertaken also for transfers to North America.

We will gratefully advise you on the subject of transfers.